Récolte 2024

COMBI CURE Detox Spring + Fall UNIDOSE Birch sap - 21 bottles

21 bottles of 250 ml

“Ariège Sève de Bouleau Bio”.
Récolte 2024

1 bottle/day, 21 days Unidose cure.

La combicure est livrée en deux fois. Une première livraison de sève fraîche au printemps et une seconde de sève pasteurisée en Octobre.

Store in a cool place between 2° and 4° C

3 in 1 Freshness Kit

Best consumed within 30 days.

In an ecological concern, thank you not to throw the packing as well as the bottles, we will send you a few days after the sending of your cure a label RETURN that you will have only to stick on your parcel and to deposit in the point relay which we will have proposed to you. The return is free for you. Thanks to you.


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Nothing new. Indeed, birch sap was used by the Romans, by our ancestors and by the populations of the Nordic countries (Norway and Finland), populations known for their longevity and their good health:

  • Tonic, energy revitalizer
  • It promotes slimming with the elimination of cellulite
  • It fights arthritis
  • It captures and neutralizes liver toxins
  • It drains the kidneys while filtering
  • It has an anti-inflammatory and painkilling action


  •  Not dangerous for children
  • Contraindicated for people allergic to salicylates and microorganisms


(Ice pack, isothermal packaging, on thicker cardboard)
Best used within 30 days

Additional information

Weight 10,300000 kg
Dimensions 13.000000 × 13.000000 × 42.000000 cm


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