Organic birch sap

At the beginning of Spring and for a few weeks, the organic birch forests of the "Haras Picard du Sant" come out of their winter rest period.
In each mature tree, the sap begins to rise to restore vigor and prepare the buds and leaves.

During this short period, "Ariège Sève de Bouleau Bio" harvests a drink called "superfood" or "superdrink": the famous "Sève de Bouleau Bio".
The harvest does not penalize the tree, it only gives us what it does not use, and as soon as the leaves appear, the birch tree no longer gives us "its sap", the harvest is over...
The trees must then be "disconnected" and the sampling orifices closed with a small wooden pin which will "heal".
The trees are then covered with a generous crown of leaves.

Why organic birch sap, what is it used for?

The organic birch sap is effective at the two main changes of season which are spring and autumn. It helps to clean the body.

The organic birch sap is beneficial for all. It is suitable for active people who are overworked and stressed as well as for convalescent and sedentary people, it brings vitality to seniors and young people in full growth, it is an excellent ally for sportsmen in preparation or recovery... It helps the functioning of the emunctories such as the liver and the kidneys

The effects of the organic birch sap cure are very variable from one person to another and from one season to another for the same person. You will discover all its benefits during and after your cure...

Birch sap is contraindicated for people allergic to salicylates, if you have any doubt ask your doctor and/or naturopath.

Your birch sap treatment

In March: Fresh
In October: Pasteurized

These two periods correspond to the change of season.

1st period:

At the end of winter and beginning of spring with the rise of the sap, mother nature decides the date of production. The birch sap is harvested on lands located between 600 and 1200m of altitude. The production stops when the first leaves appear.

2nd period:

October -> pasteurized sap in March.

The cure at each period is 250ml/day for 20 days, to be taken on an empty stomach.

The container and its contents can be kept in a cool place at 0° to 4°.


France Guillain, nutritionist.

Read his article on birch sap

Paul Fontvielle, restaurateur in ARIÈGE.

Paulo R CORSI de ARAUJO, cook at the 3 star restaurant MIRAZUR MENTON.

Jacques Genin, chocolate maker in Paris.

Karine Lemarchand, presenter on M6.

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