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our birch sap ambassadors

Ariège Organic birch sap

ambassador seve bouleau antoine guillon

Antoine Guillon

Ultra trail

ambassador seve bouleau vanessa morales

Vanessa Morales

ultra trail

High level sportswoman

Prize list:

  • FKT "best known female time" / Mount Olympus by the East corridor 2020
  • Kilimanjaro speed record by the Mweka route 2021


  • 6 ascents
  • 1 time in 4 days for recognition
  • 1 time in 12 h 30 with a big problem at 5300 m; guide's malaise by the Western Breach 6
  • 3 times in 8 days for the record attempt:
    • 1 time in 9 days for acclimatization
    • 1 time in 15 hours 30 by the Western Breach
    • 1 time in 11 hours 33 Mweka female record
  • Expedition with 15 people including David BERTY and friends of his Rugbymen in July 2022, project "Together

Upcoming projects:

  • I plan to climb an 8000 meter peak in the Himalayas, Manaslu (8163m). I went to Everest base camp last year to train up to 6000 meters by running on the Kala Patthar.
  • Several (public) projects on Kilimanjaro.
  • Ultra mountain Pica Pica for 2023.
  • FKT attempt on Aconcagua (6961 meters) in 2024.
  • Grand raid of the Reunion in 2024.

For my part, positive feedback on all phases (ULTRA TRAIL in MEXICO and Kili climb)

To start, a little return to Mexico, where after a hard and intense preparation, the cure allowed me to regenerate before the ultra.
The race itself went pretty well with very little sleep over 46h and the victory 😋 then a surprising and fast recovery.
I think that the combination of the big prep + sap cure allowed me to resume training quickly without muscular or other after-effects.

Concerning Kili, having only few references in trek over so many days, I could not compare with past ascents.
What is sure, is that I could train on each camp in the evening 3000m and 4000m (while the others were resting) without fatigue and without any difficulty for the recovery despite the difference in altitude during the day.
The daily jogging was done from 1600 meters to 4000 meters.

Then on day 3, we went back down from 4900 to 3900 running while the group did the classic stage before the final climb.

The days following the expedition, good sensations and normal and efficient training from the first days.

I felt more the effects of the sap on the ultra of Mexico than on the trek, certainly because I did not have to push my organism being every day in my comfort zone.

lambert leclezio ambassador ariege birch sap organic

lambert leclezio


Lambert Award :

  • World Champion 2016
  • World Champion 2018
  • European Champion 2019 in individual and Nations Cup
  • World Champion 2021 (COVID catch-up)
  • World Champion 2022 in individual and Nations Cup
  • Vice world champion by team 2022

Prize list Estado :

  • World Champion 2021
  • World Champion 2022 in individual and nations cup.

My Estado and I were lucky enough to do 2 sap cures this year(SABIR cure for Estado and SAVY cure for me). One at the beginning of the season and the other during the preparation of the world championships.

For me, the first treatment helped me a lot in terms of fatigue and sleep, which had a really positive effect on my recovery in general. At the end of the season, it helped me to be in better shape than I was after a big final preparation camp. The effects were really felt 10-15 days after the beginning of the cure, but it was also calculated so that I started taking it at least one month before I was looking for results.

For my horse Estado, at first he didn't really want to drink the sap, so we diluted it in a large bucket of water that was left in his stall. This way he didn't taste the sap anymore and he drank much more easily. On him too, we could see a real improvement on his recovery after the effort. After 2 weeks of treatment, the training sessions cost him much less in terms of cardio because he was able to recover much better between the galloping times. His eyes and coat were shiny, which are signs of good health in a horse.

PS: little tip for people who do not like the taste of the sap: put a little syrup (I put blackcurrant or grenadine and I could take it without problem).
Thanks to Ariege Sève de bouleau for believing in my project with Estado, for supporting us with their product and for helping us to be at 100% of our capacity to win its world championships.

Organic birch sap ambassador

Jérémy Lahet


Double World Champion Military Sea Rescue 22 (qualified World Civilian Championship September 22).

High level sportsman in Sports Rescue since 2015.

Prize list:

  • World Military Champion 2022
  • European Champion 2021
  • Junior World Vice-Champion 2018
  • Junior World Champion 2017
  • Multiple French Champion

Upcoming competitions: 

  • an international competition in November
  • an extreme Rebull race in the winter
  • French swimming pool championships in March/April
  • French team qualifying competition mid-May
  • French Coastal Championships in September
  • And if qualified European Championship

First of all, I wanted to thank you for this cure of Sève de Bouleau SAVY from Ariège Sève de bouleau which I think has been beneficial for my performance.

I followed 2 cures of SAVY birch sap on an empty stomach: the first one in 2021 after having been positive to Covid with important symptoms and it allowed me to recover better in order to quickly find my best level for an international competition which took place 3 weeks later.
I therefore decided to reschedule a cure this year before 2 international events and it was very beneficial to recover from my very intensive sessions and also to recover quickly after the 1st competition.
Moreover, during my 2nd treatment I noticed that during my morning sessions from 6 to 8 am in swimming: I had less trouble waking up and that I was more efficient.

Thank you for your support

LAHET Jérémie

Gaelle Lhermet Ambassador of organic birch sap

Gaëlle Hermet

XV Rugby

French Champion in XV with the Stade Toulousain in 2015 Grand Slam with the French team in XV in 2018 World Champion in VII with the French team in 2018 Vice European Champion with the French team in VII in 2018 Vice French Champion in XV with the Stade Toulousain in 2018 and 2019 French Champion in VII with the Stade Toulousain in 2019 Oscar Midi Olympique best French player in 2020 Captain of the French team in XV

I was not at all familiar with Birch sap and its various virtues... I was pleasantly surprised during my first treatment. A feeling of renewed energy, of being less tired and of being even more dynamic when I woke up... and even after the cure was over... I am really delighted to have discovered this natural product, and I thank their producers for their kindness and their trust.

Organic birch sap ambassador

Audrey Bascans


French and European Junior Champion 2019, French Senior Champion 2020, JUJITSU - 62kg

I started the Birch sap cure in February which had no taste and was very easy to drink, then in October/November for 21 days each, but this one had a slightly more pronounced taste but not disturbing! Since the first treatment I have no more cramps and I feel more fit physically and less tired. I also have the impression to recover much faster than before and even more since I finished the October cure.

Organic birch sap ambassador

Sokhna GALLE


High level athlete specialized in triple jump. Multiple champion and medallist at the French championships, cadet world champion, vice Olympic champion at the first Youth Olympic Games

Basically, for me the cure is really beneficial:

  • For the recovery! I just came back from a major operation and it made it easier for me to resume training. I used to train sometimes 3 times a day and I think that the birch water has contributed to my recovery.
  • For the digestion: frankly it is really the number one argument for me. The cure had a great detoxifying effect and I still feel its effects now!
  • The taste was much more neutral than during my first treatment

This confirms the impression I had during my first treatment! The effects are really beneficial, I really recommend to all the cure especially at times of the year when there are changes in temperature, pace of life (resumption of training and between seasons). I recommend to all the cure of birch sap bio SAVY. As a woman and high level sportswoman, I quickly observed results on my body and my mind. The effects of the SAVY cure last over time and contribute to achieving performance while providing the necessary well-being.

Organic birch sap ambassador

antoine auger

Cross-country skiing


The tour of Lake Geneva on skis and wheels


  • 2 Transjurassienne victories
  • 2 wins Marathon de Bessans
  • 3 times 1st French Vasaloppet
  • Victory Tartu Marathon

It's the very first drink of the day, my little daily ritual, a bottle of sap, a lemon juice and that's it. It's a way to start the training day on the right foot with a good hydration rich in minerals.

My little secret is that sometimes I also like to consume it after workouts! I would tend to want to consume it all day rather than on an empty stomach. For example after a good workout with a little syrup.

During the treatment I didn't have any obvious results but 2 weeks later I feel really good.

Otherwise, I had the COVID during the Cure I only cut out sports for 3 days afterwards I was better.

Gaelle Lhermet Ambassador of organic birch sap

Mallaurie MATTANA

Skiing, mountaineering, trail running


  • World Championship Ski Mountaineering Bronze Medal
  • Top 7 World Mountain Running
  • French Champion of Vertical Race

I preferred to wait until I was less sick before taking the cure, then I started and like last time I immediately felt the effects on my energy and it was just in time for my training resumption, I recovered well and did big sessions without fatigue. On the other hand, I had some muscular pains and a little bit of heaviness which are not usual but paradoxically I cramped less, especially during exercise. Much less stress than usual.

Organic birch sap ambassador

Hugo Boniface

XV Rugby

Winner of the 2018 Under 20 Six Nations Tournament.
Winner of the 2018 Junior World Championship.
French Pro D2 Champion in 2019 with Aviron Bayonnais.

Birch sap has helped me maintain my weight as well as in my recovery, less cramps, less aches and pains.

Organic birch sap ambassador



Native of Saint-Girons, 34 years old paragliding pilot on the world circuit


  • 11th Niviuk Open - Pre PWC Ager
  • 4th Polish Championship
  • 2nd French permanent ranking
  • 47th WPRS WORLD ranking

SAVY cure of 21 days, first effect on the sleep after the 4th or 5th intake of sap, remarkable effect on the concentration (important in my discipline because flight of long duration (between 2h and 6h). Also beneficial effects on cramps, same position during long duration and contraction of legs in flight.

I have also done some steep approach walks while carrying my flight gear (25kg) and I felt an overall improvement (endurance, recovery, soreness).

If you have any hesitation, try it and see for yourself. Personally, I've already ordered the next one 😉

Thanks to Christine and Jean-Louis

Organic birch sap ambassador

Marwan YEZZA



  • Silver medalist at the 2020 French Championship

The taste was much better at the beginning of the intake, the sap allowed me to feel good at the beginning of the day 

During the intake, I was on a diet and I don't have this feeling of tiredness in any case less during my diet the sap also helped me to go to the toilet better I don't know if it helped but I felt better at the level of my transit

If I had to do it again I would do it without hesitation because I felt that my body reacted very well, my skin was better and I felt good for the morning workout especially in the morning.

Gaelle Lhermet Ambassador of organic birch sap

Yannick LUTZ

Cycling, ski mountaineering

Multiple French Champion in a shrouded/non-shrouded bike.

I really found a nice improvement in performance (unlike the beginning of the year when I was sick before the cure started).

I have done several great ski mountaineering training performances in Switzerland at over 4000 m (the snow is high) with the Bishorn climb twice.

I continue to feel an improvement in recovery to this day. The winter competition season is not starting for the moment (there is no snow anyway).

Despite the confinement I cross the border to train (don't say it 🤔)

Many thanks

Organic birch sap ambassador


Ski mountaineering, trail

Salomon trail team, French ski mountaineering team


I found it much harder to drink than the first treatment, it had a strong and pronounced
taste that I had at the end of the treatment last time. This little
aftertaste not very pleasant but once mixed with lemon
I find that we feel well in shape during the cure after about 10
days. I can't say how long it lasts after the cure. I found during the cure that my sleep was more regular, easier to go to bed and get up at fixed times.

Organic birch sap ambassador

Nicolas Martin

XV Rugby


  • Champion of France TOP 16 1997 Stade Toulousain
  • French Military Champion 1993.Toulouse
  • 1/2 finalist HCUP 1999 Perpignan
  • Finalist TOP 16 2002 Agen
  • Champion PRO D2 Bayonne.

Thank you for allowing me to test this natural nectar.

I have found improvements in the recovery from aches and pains and the elimination of toxins due to its draining properties.

I am less stressed and more peaceful and my mood is quite good.

The concept is easy to use, the taste with a lemon zest pleasant to drink.

Designing natural and efficient local products to improve our health and sports performance is an activity that must be supported and promoted by enhancing our heritage.

Thank you Jean-Louis and his team!

alexandre tulou organic birch sap ambassador

Alexandre Tulou

XV Rugby


  • 7-a-side World Champion with New Zealand 2008

A week before the cure I tested positive for COVID-19 and I think that the cure helped me to recover faster and better.
I have tendon problems and it seems that it was better for me during the cure.
Regarding the muscular part I felt much better, with much less cramps, my breath was better than usual.
I felt physically well and more active, more toned in my body and less tired...

Organic birch sap ambassador

Thibaud GROOT


-18 France of Fenix Toulouse Handball and -18 Team Netherlands: two times participant of international tournaments in Gothenburg (European Championship 2019 and Merzig 2019)


With the cure of Ariège Sève de bouleau, I have less cramps, I recover better after and during the effort, my physical form during the cure was better and remained still a little after the duration of the cure. The cure gives the necessary strength to follow training sessions and matches and in the most difficult months (illness, cold, injuries...) muscular injuries are quickly felt but with the birch sap, pain and muscular fatigue are reduced.

Organic birch sap ambassador

Annabelle MARTIN


Champion of France master 2019 Pole DANCE

Very satisfied to have had the opportunity to do this second cure, effective hydration and better recovery. Less stress, my muscular pains improved during the cure but especially afterwards, an improvement of my cramps, I sleep much better, Globally I feel much better in form...
In addition the taste is fresh and pleasant.

Organic birch sap ambassador

Daniel Du Lac


Climbing and mountain, high mountain guide

World champion in ice climbing. French champion, European champion and winner of the Bouldering World Cup in 2004.

These birch sap cures in the fall and spring are for me the opportunity to take care of myself to regenerate internally. I have the impression of being completely renewed and it boosts me every time.
Today, although I am less into pure performance, my body is my working tool, the birch sap cures are a good way to preserve its physical capacities.
In summary, on the health side, birch sap cure is synonymous with self preservation and endurance.
Thank you to the team of Ariege Sève de Bouleau for their passion and the quality of their products.

Organic birch sap ambassador

Teddy Atine

400m Sprint


  • Twice French champion
  • Third of the European Championship 2019
  • Two participations in the Olympic Games

It's the very first drink of the day, my little daily ritual, a bottle of sap, a lemon juice and that's it.
It's a way to start the day's training on the right foot with a good hydration rich in minerals.
My little secret is that sometimes I also like to drink it after workouts!

mathieu delpeuch organic birch sap ambassador

Mathieu Delpeuch


24 years old

2 selections in the French Youth Team
6th Elite in the Skyrunning World Cup 2018
Winner Trail des Aiguilles rouges 2019

I did the cure after returning from two weeks of intensive training with a competition in sight 3 weeks after the end of it. It was therefore the ideal period to take care of your hydration and to slowly build up your form. During the cure I had very good nights and I arrived with good energy on the day of the competition. I sometimes suffer from cramps at the end of the race but this time no problem, no parasitic contraction, energy until the finish line. I think that the cure is not for nothing.

Organic birch sap ambassador

Marlonn Fabre


20 years Rugby Castres Olympique Selection midi Pyrénées champion of France 2016 - 1 selection for the French team -18 years - vice-champion of France category Crabos (-18)

I am extremely happy to be able to receive the sap of birch which for me brings me a better recovery, on the wire of time. Especially after our vacations which allowed me to recover well. It is now two years that I have the chance to collaborate with Ariege Sève de bouleau which allowed me to discover a new aspect of recovery. The birch sap cure allows me to have a better recovery after the matches, thus avoiding all incongruous injuries. I would like to thank all the Ariège Sève de bouleau team for their confidence.

caroline chaverot organic birch sap ambassador

Caroline Chaverot


2015 Long Distance Trail World Vice-Champion.
World Champion in 2016
Winner of the UTMB 2016
Winner of the Ultra Trail World Tour 2016
Winner of the Hardrock 100 2017.

I had some health problems afterwards, but I'm back in good shape this year and I'm going to do several international races. My major goals are:
The 90 Km of Mont Blanc at the end of June
The UTMB at the end of August
The Madeira ultra Trail at the beginning of November.
" The birch sap treatment has greatly improved my breathing capacity, allowing me to match or exceed my records on long, steep climbs, while maintaining a comfortable feel. I also felt that I recovered much better between two training sessions: my need for sleep decreased, I feel less tired in the morning and in a better mood. In my eyes, this product is revolutionary."
The packaging is top notch, the little isothermal pouch too. Thank you!!!

Organic birch sap ambassador

Perel Lyoen


TANDEM : Perel Antoine/Lyoen Olivier
Sport : triathlon
3rd in Europe, 4th in the world championship

The birch sap is a plus to feel better, it prepares the product 100 percent natural and therefore 100 percent beneficial to the body, after a few days I can feel the effects in terms of recovery and therefore more effective during my training as well as physical and psychological,
The birch sap is a healthy mind in a healthy body ...

Organic birch sap ambassador

Valentin Benard


French Champion in Meribel in 2019 (Long Trail-5th overall)
1st Trail du Petit Ballon in 2020
2nd Trail du Besso SUI) in 2020
4th Crêtes Vosgiennes in 2020

What emerges from it globally is an improvement of the feeling at the level of recovery.
These last 2 years, the Ariège Organic birch sap cure seems to give me a boost at the end of the winter, has not hurt me, and has even been beneficial.
Difficult to evaluate clearly but as said above, if an improvement in the perception of fatigue is perceived, for me the objective is largely achieved.
I have the impression of feeling less tired and recovering more quickly.
More freshness to approach the weeks of training, and thus a better recovery (which is a real plus)
Every little thing is good to take, especially when it is organic and that it is made in Ariege! " especially that the effects are felt a fortnight after the end of the cure
Thank you again for everything.

Organic birch sap ambassador

France Guillain


Ecrivaine Just published by Rocher Miam-Ô-5 Miam-Ô-Fruit 80 recipes from France and Aïmata Guillain. The new 36°6 pockets available in one click on my website you arrive on La Voie Lactee to order them online.

What a marvellous birch sap! Fresh, tasty, and so necessary in these difficult times for everyone! Not only does it invigorate at the end of winter, but according to the toxicologist interviewed by Elise Lucet during the program on aluminum, its exceptional richness in natural organic silicon "not isolated" which is very important, it destroys the aluminum that we all ingest almost daily if only through the water we drink and the vegetables we eat. This is not only a way to preserve your bones, ligaments, muscles and your whole body, but also a very pleasant way to protect your brain. The more we drink, the better we feel. The birch sap cure is one of the cures I recommend, because it is effective and easy to do. I talk about it in at least four of my books. And I do several cures a year. And I don't like it when people tell me that it's expensive, you have to make it a priority by eliminating other less vital things, because it is vital! And it does nothing but good!

Organic birch sap ambassador

Aurélien Guillon

Co-founder Horse Pilot

Hi Jean-Louis,

We discovered the birch sap and the team of passionate people who carry the project during the Transhumance in the Pyrenees with the Merens horses.

We quickly found a strong common point that guides our respective product developments: biomimicry.

Our products are inspired by nature, its technological advances, its constant evolution and its incredible source of innovation.

The simplicity, the return to the essential, to the natural is very generally a guarantee of the best and the most efficient.

We support Ariège Sève de Bouleau and share their vision of a natural and modern equitation.

Organic birch sap ambassador

Hesther GROOT

Field Hockey

Former vice Olympic champion in Field Hockey, national team of Holland 2020 : Coach of the girls and boys team -16 of Toulouse Field Hockey (detection Olympic Games 2024 PARIS)

During the cure of Ariège birch sap, I felt a light better form during the cure and very important after the cure. I feel less tired and I have less pain in the joints and much less cramps. Concerning the recovery I did not feel any effect during the cure but on the other hand much after the end of the cure THANKS.

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