The uses of birch sap

Ariège Organic birch sap


For maximum effectiveness it is recommended to make a cure of 3 weeks with 250ml per day on an empty stomach, that is to say a total cure of 5 liters of Fresh Birch Sap.

Harvested at the time of the rise of the sap, between mid-February and mid-April. Our fresh sap is not pasteurized or preserved.

If possible, it is advisable to take a second course of treatment at the beginning of autumn around the month of October. (Birch sap pasteurized only)

Do not confuse Fresh Organic Birch Sap with Birch Juice.
The sap is the nourishing liquid of the tree and is consumed in its natural state.
Birch juice is obtained by maceration (sap, leaves, alcohol...) and is consumed diluted in water.

Organic birch sap is a living product as the sap rises in the tree just before spring.
It is produced naturally by the tree at a temperature of about 4°, it is clear as water and has a slight taste of sugar and coconut.

It is possible that the FRESH SEA changes visually giving a milky appearance (appearance of calcium maleate and calcium phosphate). This is the natural evolution of the sap, bringing a slight opacity due to its structural evolution.

It is in constant evolution like all living products.

This evolution is a guarantee of QUALITY, its fermentation makes it all the more effective because it develops lactic ferments (probiotics) which play a major role on the digestion, the intestinal flora and the immune system.

Its stability is estimated at 3/4 weeks; it is thus to consume within this time.

Harvested fresh, pure and in an artisanal way, it preserves all its qualities and contains no additives.

It is immediately packaged after harvesting in our aseptic laboratory and sent or delivered as soon as possible in an isothermal bag + ice pack.

Until now, organic birch sap was rarely used as a cure; in fact, it was difficult to find this product on the market for a period of up to 45 days of production by the trees, FRESH, PURE, AND WITHOUT ADDITIVES.

Little tip: to have shiny and silky hair, wash it with birch sap, like our grandmothers!

Our ultra fresh sap is to be consumed within 3 weeks.

It must be kept in a cool place (refrigerator or other) at a temperature between 0° and 5° for the duration of the treatment (about 3 weeks).

Preservation tips:
- you can freeze it in a liter upon receipt (Be careful not to use a glass bottle)
- you can add a clove, black currant buds or organic lemon

For the month of October the sap is pasteurized at 73° and keeps all its properties for the Autumn cure. (all our studies are done on pasteurized sap)

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