mina birch sap for cats

MINA The benefits of organic birch sap for cats.

And yes, your cat can also consume organic birch sap!

Just like us, our animals sometimes have a slump. The food we give them on a daily basis is not always sufficient or adapted, especially at specific stages such as during growth, gestation or with older animals.

Organic Birch Sap, acting as a real natural food supplement, contains varying amounts of minerals, iron, vitamins and trace elements. Its properties are numerous, it can thus act to make up for deficiencies, increase resistance, slow down hair loss, bring an optimal form, fortify the organism and the immune system, or simply promote the general health of your pet.

For your cat, choose organic birch sap, French and produced in a traditional way.

For cats, 12.50 ml per day for 20 days is ideal. You can mix the daily dose directly with the kibbles in the bowl, with a dairy product or fresh water. Organic birch sap can be taken as a cure, on average twice a year.

Directions for use:
As needed, give the cat 12.5ml per day for 20 days.
If the cat does not drink it directly, the sap can be mixed with the food

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