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Ariège Organic birch sap


Hello, I am very satisfied with my last cures last fall and spring. I am renewing my order of fresh birch sap for this coming spring.

02/02/22 Jacqueline P.

Thank you for the quality of your products. Good luck with everything.

02/02/22 Catherine B.

After having tested several productions of sap of different artisanal houses, we return on that of sap of birch Ariège bio which seems to us to be really without any measure above the batch in gustatory quality and in contribution of minerals. We will thus remain faithful customers to this house which has in more the direction of the service and an appreciable kindness in its reception customer. Thank you to the whole team!

24/02/21 Claudine

Testimonial #COVID 19 #confined #seve birch seve.

A young woman infected with CoVid19 talks about her illness and the help of birch sap.

I have just finished my cure of organic birch sap from Ariège, the first thing I noticed is the punch that this cure gave me. I've been taking it for 3 years now, fresh in March and in the fall with a cubicle that I kept in the freezer. I have also lost a little weight.

08/04/20 Dany Grasset

I have just finished my 20 days cure bought at the agriculture show... very good conservation, no need to freeze, thank you!

17/03/20 Purchase of the agricultural show Pepito Cescau

We came to your house at the end of October and we bought a birch sap cure from you. I did this cure during the month of November. This cure brought me a good being at the level "detox" of the body. I would like to renew this cure in spring with fresh sap of first extraction. Thank you very much DANIEL

07/01/20 Daniel

"Birch sap is an excellent tonic that helps me regain my vitality and strengthen my natural defenses. Since its use I don't have winter colds anymore, I work a lot outside and I keep much more energy during the day. Why Sève d'Ariège? Because I know the place very well: pure, clean, natural and the territory of the magnificent Merens horses, therefore a unique "extra"! This Sève coming from nature gives us its energy, its authentic nature taste, with a unique aroma that I love."

Hesther Former international field field hockey player (Olympic vice champion)

"I discovered birch sap many years ago during survival exercises in my military training. It brought us vitality and energy that allowed us to stay very active, awake and in shape. It contributes to a restful sleep. Among other benefits, I noticed a better flexibility of the joints during prolonged and particularly difficult physical exercises. I have always taken regular cures, on average twice a year in the fall (pasteurized birch sap) and in the spring (fresh birch sap). Since I live in the Pyrenees, I was looking for a certified organic production. I discovered it on the website www.seve-bouleau.fr. The advantage of this production is that it is harvested on a certified organic territory where Merens horses are raised (horses to which I am particularly attached) The producer that I discovered makes a point of honor to take care of his production at all stages of harvesting and packaging. The fast delivery allows to make a cure with a very fresh product. It is in conclusion a very pleasant product to drink, slightly sweetened, a completely natural product. Today we are all attentive to a healthy diet, a balance of our body, the sap of birch is there... A magnificent gift of our mother the Earth. It's what makes the trees grow, so it will help us grow healthy."

Bernard Retired Fighter pilot

I have just finished my cure of organic birch sap from Ariège, the first thing I noticed is the punch that this cure gave me. I've been taking it for 3 years now, fresh in March and in the fall with a cubicle that I kept in the freezer. I have also lost a little weight.

08/04/20 Dany Grasset

"Ordering was easy and the product was received quickly. So far, everything is normal (although some sites are less reliable;-) but I already knew the seriousness of the "house" and its attachment to the notion of quality!) I can't do without my annual treatment! It is my booster before winter: no more colds, an energy that makes the youngest ones pale, an inner vitality that makes me shine with a luminous complexion! I'm in my fifties and I have to admit that the inconveniences of this age seem to me also diminished by my cure: I feel less "swollen" it drains water, and my joints find a better flexibility!"

Fréderique Former flight attendant

"Birch sap allows me to eliminate the afternoon slump after business lunches, and to gain in efficiency on days that are often 14 hours long. Moreover, the quality of the sap is such that if you take it after 18:00, sleep is no longer guaranteed, you are ready to start a second day! On the pressure side at work, this product coming from the earth allows you to feel better in your body, it resources you and transmits a well-being and an energy directly from nature! In my daily sports or professional life it is an undeniable help to the recovery after the effort!"

Stéphane Ex judoka, national level and executive under continuous pressure

"It is the third year that I make this cure of birch sap ... 5 liters of sap, a good glass every morning on an empty stomach, and already after a few days, I notice that my recovery is more effective, no more joint problems (I am a musician, no more feeling of aches, contractures, tightness of muscles after rehearsals, concerts ...), I feel more lively, and moreover the taste of fresh sap is slightly sweetened which does not spoil anything! Nature can provide us with everything we need, why deprive ourselves of it! I supply myself here now, after having visited the area, the delivery is fast, it's 100% organic, it's even better! I recommend this cure to everyone!"

Gilles Musician, 33 years old

"Since I have been using Haras Picard du Sant Birch sap as a treatment, I feel much better! Indeed, between my job, my 3 children and my volleyball training in the evening, I often felt tired at the end of the day. But since I've been taking Birch sap, I feel like I've been boosted, I get up in great shape and I'm full of energy all day long. I have also noticed that I look better, my complexion is more radiant! Birch sap is a real revelation for me and I recommend it to everyone! Leave behind the chemical pharmaceuticals for a simple and effective natural product!!!"

Johan PE teacher and volleyball player, 37 years old

"I did a cure of sap of Birch of the Haras Picard du Sant during 20 days and the effects were very quickly beneficial. I solicit my body much as well on the level of work as in term of leisure by sports practices. I feel less tired and I recover better after the effort. I am very happy to drink this natural organic product that comes from nature. I strongly recommend it. The taste is pleasant slightly sweet."

Cédric Professional Fireman, 40 years old (Specialization in diving)

"I have been taking the birch sap cure for several years now and I must say that it always does me so much good! A glass in the morning on an empty stomach and it's a great start for a day full of energy! Moreover, after a few days I feel less heavy (water retention), I deflate... Being quite sporty I noticed that my recovery after the effort was less long and that I had less aches. To make a 3 weeks cure, you need 5l of sap and keep it in a cool place. And the fact that it is organic is an additional guarantee of its quality. It's a pity that you don't have any more in October for the second cure... Finally, let's take advantage of what nature offers us, it's so rich..."

Amandine Organic shop assistant

"After drinking birch sap, a little forced by my wife, I must admit that I feel better in my body, as if boosted, moreover the taste is not unpleasant. I often work outside, and I find that when I do this cure, I recover faster, I have more energy, my joints are less painful. I plan to do a new cure at the end of the winter, I prefer natural and authentic products to drugs" Finally let's take advantage of what nature offers us, it is so rich..."

Michel Retired from the gendarmerie

"I used your birch sap in the spring as a 3-week treatment, in the morning on an empty stomach, as a detox, on the advice of a friend who already uses it. It tastes like fresh, slightly sweetened water. I'm thinking of doing another treatment at the end of the winter. It's a natural product, authentic, which gives me more energy, I even noticed that my skin texture is finer. I would have liked to do it in October too..." Finally let's take advantage of what nature offers us it is so rich..."

Anne-Marie Housewife

“La cure Ariégeoise est excellente pour la santé, on a l’impression de retrouver ses jambes d’antan. Fraîche, pendant 3 semaines c’est notre rituel depuis 4 années maintenant. Elle donne la pêche, la “super pêche”, nous travaillons aujourd’hui en extérieur et c’est vrai que l’hiver en plus du moral il faut une bonne dose d’énergie que nous donne la Séve de Bouleau. A ne manquer sous aucun prétexte, ( gardez m’en pour l’année prochaine..) dommage que vous n’en ayez pas en Octobre.” Enfin profitons de ce que nous offre la nature elle est si riche…”

Jean Louis Ex champion of France corpo a XV

“J’ai terminé ma cure d’automne de sève de bouleau la semaine dernière. Cette époque me laisse généralement un peu sur les rotules, d’une part à cause de la baisse de luminosité (j’entre en hibernation) et du fait du retour à l’heure d’hiver, bien plus naturelle, mais provoquant un changement de rythme le temps que les animaux et les humains s’habituent. Vivant à la campagne, le cycle naturel m’est … naturel. Je lis et je dors beaucoup l’hiver, je bouge plus et je dors moins l’été. Aux deux changements majeurs de cycles lumineux, début novembre et fin mars, je patine un peu. A l’automne, les journées raccourcissent, j’ai besoin de démarrer au quart de tour pour en profiter à fond. La sève de bouleau, prise le matin à jeun, au lever, me rends « percutant », physiquement et intellectuellement, pour de longues journées dont l’essentiel en lumière artificielle. Mon esprit y gagne en clarté et dans mon boulot d’analyste, c’est essentiel. J’aborde toujours l’hiver avec sérénité, la nature est si belle quand on peut en profiter. Et dorénavant, grâce à la sève, énergie et lucidité sont au rendez-vous. Au printemps, fin mars, je dois entrer sur des journées plus longues – et cette saloperie d’heure d’été qui nous amène, dans l’ouest, à une heure de « allemande » qui n’a rien à voir avec nous – la cure de sève me donne la capacité de multiplier mon temps de veille et d’activités physiques matutinales et vespérales. Si je devais, en quelques mots ce que m’apporte mes cures : gagner en force et endurance au printemps, conserver énergie et lucidité à l’automne. (je me rends compte que je n’ai pas évoqué le goût, tout à fait neutre. On l’a bue nature. Ni le conditionnement, ni le fait qu’on l’a mise au frais …) Amicalement”


“J’ai bien réceptionné ma cure de SEVE de BOULEAU pour l’automne. Je suis très satisfaite et, je vous renouvelle ma confiance. Ce n’est pas un médicament et, cela m’apporte des bienfaits au point de vue des douleurs articulaires etc… Merci Cordiales salutations”


“J’ai commandé de la sève de bouleau pour moi il y a quelques jours et celle-ci c’est pour ma fille, Très bon produit, mes GAMMA GT ont nettement diminués à a cure de printemps, alors je continuerai à raison de 2 cures par an Merci Cordialement”

Laurent L.

“Merci pour vos informations. Dès décembre je commanderai une cure de printemps. J’ai conservé au congélateur dans des petites bouteilles de 25cl le cubic de 5 litres commandé en avril. Je vais attaquer ma cure d’automne ! Personnellement ça m’a fait un bien fou et donné la pêche ! Bonne continuation.”


I have received the sap, it is very well packaged.
Thanks to you.

03/30/22 Stephanie T.

Thank you very much, I just got the birch sap back, still well packed in its protective bag, I will recommend you to friends who wish to do a cure, see you next year, have a nice evening, best regards.

30/03/22 Maryvonne S-G from pornichet.

I have received the package
Thank you and a big BRAVO for the packaging it's great 👍
See you soon

05/03/22 Francoise CS.

Hello, sap cure recovered, start tomorrow morning.
Thank you for the speed, promised and done!
Have a nice day,

05/03/22 Nadine E.

Just a quick message to let you know that I have received my package. Thank you again for your excellent product and your speedy delivery. Sincerely yours.

05/03/22 Annick S.

Fall order well received.

Congratulations to the whole team! You are real PROs with a quality service and a desire to share.

Thank you and continue! It's great!

05/10/21 Claudine STYPERS


I have just received my package, and tomorrow morning I will start the treatment. Thank you so much for your reliability. I will come and see you to learn more about birch sap. Have a nice day.

Françoise Collin

02/04/21 Françoise

Hello Amandine, Christine and Jean-Louis,
Received this noon my 5l of work sap. Perfectly packaged and very well refrigerated. Many thanks especially for the isothermal bag which preserves the freshness of the product. Ready to start my cure 😉

25/03/21 Françoise

Thank you to all the team of Ariège Sève de Bouleau for the quality of your product (organic) and your professionalism in the management of the orders - including when there is a problem with the carrier.
Since I discovered birch sap 4 years ago, I have been enjoying the 5L cures more and more from February-March.
Good luck with the upcoming harvest!

11/03/21 Pascal

Your products are great!
And your service too!
We will be faithful to you.
Product ordered SAVY

26/10/20 Claudine

Comme partagé au téléphone cet après-midi, je vous transmets mes premiers commentaires ” avant cure ” :

” J’ai passé ma commande ce dimanche 26 avril 2020, sur le site d’Ariège Sève de Bouleau Bio. Ma commande a été prise en charge dès le lundi 27 avril au matin. Je recevais une confirmation de livraison pour le lendemain mardi, en pleine période de confinement !
Le livreur DPD a sonné avant midi le jour J, me confiant ” sans contact ” un colis codé parfaitement emballé. A l’intérieur du carton, j’ai découvert mes 21 flacons unidoses, bien calés dans des alvéoles en polystyrène et tenus au frais par des poches réfrigérées. La sève de bouleau avait été mise en bouteille tout juste avant l’expédition.
Je suis impressionnée par la qualité de service, la qualité de traitement et la qualité d’envoi. Je commence ma cure demain matin et je devine que le produit est excellent “.

Yours sincerely,

29/04/20 Anne

Hello Christine and Jean-Louis, I am pleased to inform you that my order arrived today, and I thank you. I would like to tell you that I am impressed by the quality of the packaging, but especially by the speed of the delivery in this tormented period in terms of transport (and not only...).

16/04/20 Pascal

This is my second year of treatment. Great change in delivery. Very innovative freshness kit. I recommend it. Thank you

12/03/20 Brigitte

“livraison correct mon colis reçu bien avant la date prévu dans un très bon emballage pour sécuriser pour la fraîcheur , produit conforme à mes attentes avec explication , je recommande vivement se site pour son sérieux et sa qualité du produit”

Colette L.

“Bien reçu la sève de bouleau (arrivée le lendemain de l’appel de Bernard) Superbe(s) emballage(s) Produit de qualité exceptionnelle Du coup, ça me rassure, je tenterai peut-être quand même de prendre une cure à l’automne”


“je viens de recevoir mes 2 contenants de 5l chacun et je suis très satisfaite de la livraison et de l’emballage. Tous était bien protégé c’est parfait. Pouvez-vous me dire si je peux commencer la cure dans 1 ou 2 semaines si je n’ouvre pas tout de suite le cubi (conservé au frigo)? merci”

Sylvie M.

“La cure de sève de bouleau est arrivée hier, bien emballée et bien réfrigérée. J’ai gouté tout de suite et c’est un plaisir déjà au gout et la douceur du jus. Je fais la cure et programme un article sur mon blog le 18 mars, j’en parlerai un peu avant sur les reseaux sociaux comme facebook et instagram, si vous avez des # que vous voulez que je partage, n’hésitez pas. J’ai déjà partagé le fait que le bidon de 5 litres était arrivé avec le #harasPicarddusant. Je vous remercie pour ce partenariat qui va m’apporter une régénérescence, une reminéralisation. Ca me tarde de partager avec ma communauté le résultat et leur donner envie. Bien cordialement”

Nadine P.

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