My account

You will have a dedicated account that will allow you to track your orders, renew another order etc. ....
You will be able to use this account whenever you want.
It will also allow you to access special offers, promotions or anniversaries ....

My details are registered

For any order, in order to be able to deliver to you, we will systematically ask you for your postal address, your cell phone number
and e-mail.
These elements will be used to deliver you as soon as possible, to come back to you if a problem would occur, to carry out an invoicing and to ensure the follow-up of the order.
These data are strictly confidential. If the delivery details are different from the billing details, you will be asked for them.

I don't know my address anymore

No problem with your email, you will find your file and your information.

When will I be delivered?

Deliveries will be made as the trees produce.
Deliveries will be made in the order of orders/reservations.
In this regard, for your order placed before February, you will be notified of the departure of your package.

Orders placed after 10am on Wednesday and until the following Monday will be shipped on Monday to avoid being held in stock by our delivery services.

What to do with the ice pack and the cooler bag?

The ice pack is not consumed, it can be reused.

The isothermal packaging is a reusable gift in addition to its function of protecting the sap.

Your sap is also sent in a double-layered box to secure and keep your product as fresh as possible.

What is combicure?

It is a commercial offer of a 10% discount that includes a spring cure of fresh sap (delivered in March) and a fall cure of pasteurized sap (delivered in October).

Other questions

If you did not find the answer to your question, contact us at or by mail HERE


What is the status of my order?

You ordered a product, you received an email indicating the payment, a code and the departure of the product and its references...
You click on "HISTORY of your Orders" you have a reference number and all the follow-up of your file, it is enough to check in the site to have the traceability of this one.
If however you do not find your order or in case of doubt you can contact the Customer Service

Deterioration of the product

In the case or the product is deteriorated with its arrival, empty in particular, it will be entirely replaced to you with our expenses with the condition
that it is made the report of it with the conveyor immediately, turned over immediately to the shipper and only in this case there.
Any opened packing cannot be admitted to refund.
If there is another element to report, our customer service is at your disposal.

Delivery methods

The shipment is offered to you via the carrier DPD in Metropolitan France in relay point.

For home delivery as well as delivery to your place of work, the cost of delivery is partly at your expense.

For delivery in Europe the carrier is UPS.

If you want a different service, just check your preference at your charge.
See the proposals on DELIVERY

Our shipments are made within 24 hours departure of packages in early afternoon, except orders placed after 10:00 am that may not be taken into account for the same day. It is processed immediately in other cases depending on available stock.

Our packing is done manually and controlled during all the phases of preparation for shipment.

Change the delivery address
I want to change my delivery address, how do I do it?

The delivery addresses are the ones you have registered, we cannot change them.

Other questions

If you did not find the answer to your question, contact us at or by mail HERE


Which cards do you accept?

MasterCard (debit and credit)
Visa (debit and credit)

How do I renew an order?
Nothing could be easier, on your card all the information is registered and you can at leisure renew your orders,
find your previous orders or make a new order.
My payment
It is made on a secure site for credit cards, bank to bank for transfers and by check traditionally.
The amount of your order will be debited instantly.
In all cases, the orders leave only after reception of the payment.
Pricing policy
The price you have paid will remain unchanged, the deed of sale being established no change of rate will be requested.
Multi-buy offer
If you buy 6 products of the same reference, the 7th is FREE.
Other questions

If you did not find the answer to your question, contact us at or by mail HERE

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