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The sap of birch a sacred drink marie Gillain

Birch sap, a sacred drink

Birch sap has been used for thousands of years as a springtime beverage in countries near the poles. It is also consumed all year round, as it ferments slightly. The recent appearance of drinking water at the tap in our northern countries, the creation of all kinds of drinks that invade the shelves of supermarkets, have quickly relegated the birch sap either to oblivion or to the rank of magic potions good for health. Few people take sap from their garden every year. It is the marketing of fresh sap in flexible vacuum packages that has revived its consumption. By reading Birch Sap, you will discover its great interest for us! Combined with the Miam-Ô-fruit and Miam-Ô-5 of La Méthode France Guillain, birch sap is a high quality food that we would be wrong to do without!


The secret life of trees

In " The Secret Life of Trees ", Peter Wohlleben describes the existence of a very elaborate language of trees. They communicate with each other by means of odors and electrical signals. The root network is also used to exchange information about insects in the vicinity or about the dryness of the soil, allowing the networked trees to set up collective defense strategies against aggressors and to adapt to the rigors of the climate.

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