Récolte 2024

SABIR Fresh birch sap for horses - 2×25 liters

Deux bidons de 25 L
“Ariège Sève de Bouleau Bio Fraîche”
Sève Fraîche – Récolte 2024

Store in a cool place between 2° and 4°C

2.5 L per day per horse 20-day course of treatment in one or more doses.
Can be mixed with feed.
For leisure and competition horses
NON-doping product - Study conducted by the LCH


After having been tested in a breeding of 50 horses, we noticed the following elements during the cure of Ariège Sève de Bouleau Bio :

. Detoxification of the horse's body
. Help for the recovery
. Contribution of minerals, trace elements, calcium, magnesium...
. More tonic and dynamic horse
. Shinier coat
. Help with deworming
. Excellent booster for old and convalescent horses


Not dangerous for children

Our sap is a natural product, we guarantee it without contaminants.

(Tested by the LCH horse control laboratory)

Fresh product, production limited in quantity and duration (natural).

Two times 25 liters, delivered 8 days apart

Additional information

Weight 25,000000 kg
Dimensions 70,000000 × 40,000000 × 40,000000 cm


Orders are shipped from Monday to Wednesday and in order of order placement. As soon as your package is shipped, you will receive the confirmation of handling by our carrier and your order will be shipped within 48/72 hours. It is therefore possible, depending on the day you order and our production of the moment, that you do not receive your order in 48/72 hours.

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